About the blog


Let’s get all the necessarily introduction out of the way first. In short, I am a sound and music slave. I run my own mixing and mastering business STUDIO se21 and as you can imagine I have a lot to say on the subject.

This will be the main focus of my blog.  The idea is to explain what audio mixing and mastering is about. All in as plain English as possible, given the subject matter. This should make it more approachable for people with relatively small experience and/or understanding of the subject in hand. I will be featuring interesting case studies to explain the process step by step. With audio samples, graphs and sometimes videos to make it even more interesting.

I will also be voicing my opinions about music nowadays. Be prepared for some proper whinging then;-) I will be ferocious to anyone treating music just as the way of earning money, and not as an art. I may, however, show some leniency to those who despite such approach, still make great music.

All this served with plenty of humour. This is the place to visit when you are having a dodgy day.

Pop in as often as you like. Read, comment and enjoy!


~ by studiose21 on January 20, 2010.

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